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Electrically Driven Water Pumps

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Water Pumps

Weather we are looking for a way to water our garden, refill the car battery or an outdoor storage tank, water pumps are critical to the supply of our most precious resource. With pressure on electricity supplies internationally, solar energy is beginning to look more and more like a viable alternative to electric power off the national grid. Electric Water pumps offer the most convenient and reliable method of delivering our supply.



A solar water pump makes a lot of sense when one considers the energy savings and necessity for reliable water supplies over the long term. Pedrollo pumps are ideal for direct electric drive or through an inverter from solar power systems. For installations where a relatively low flow and head are required, the expense for a new electrical installation, trenching, running cable, from the main grid, DB board and control panel, labour and planning or authorization all add to that cost. In this case Solar may be the way to go.

Our design team will be happy to assist you in this regard.



Many of us are fortunate to be able to enjoy being outdoors. There is simply nothing more relaxing than to hear the sound of water falling. Many public parks have an outdoor water fountain strategically placed along a walk way.

How to determine what size pump I need?

It is important to get the size of the pump correct. Many pump problems and high maintenance costs are directly associated with the incorrect sizing of the unit.


You need to know the following:-

Flow in gallons per minute or liters per minute.

Head in feet or meters.

Voltage available. (single or three phase power)

(To get our free report on how to work out your flow and head requirements as well as a link to our handy set of engineers tools with a head/flow calculator simply go here)


Water filters

With so many issues relating to the safety and security of our water supplies recently, a point of use water filter has almost become a necessity in most places. These units will create a extra load on a pump which will need to be accounted for when determining the total head of the pump unit. Other appliances like large air conditioning systems or heating systems and heat exchangers all tend to add to the back pressure which is transferred onto the pump.


A well designed system will result in low cost of ownership, meaning low power requirements, low maintenance and long operating life. It should not be necessary to ever need to completely replace a water pump. Correctly designed units will operate trouble free for many years. Events do occur which will demand that the unit is repaired or completely replaced which have nothing to do with the original design. That's where Pedrollo Electric Water Pumps are the best choice you can make. Spares and Service excellence is guaranteed.

If we are fortunate to live in areas where there is a high water table, or alongside a river, dam or lake, our gardens and our homes benefit from our ability to extract water from a river,dam or lake. Correctly sizing a submersible or self priming pump for this purpose is always going to pay for itself. Not just using it for garden water but also in the general supply for irrigating a vegetable garden, toilet flushing, bathing, drinking and cooking.


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